Town House • First Floor

* Amateur exhibitors only. Ribbons Only are awarded *

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Gayle Huntress, Claire Baldwin, Judith Berg Kohn, Lisa Cohen, Mary Warbasse


• All entries must be received no later than 4:00pm on Thursday, August 19th at the
• Paige Memorial Library, P.O. Box 128, Hardwick, MA 01037. Mailed or online
• entries must be received by the same date. To submit your entry online, please
• click here or click on the icon at the bottom of this page.

• Entries must be limited to 1000 words (equivalent to about 4 double-spaced
• pages with one inch margins and 11 to 12-point font.)
• Please do not write your name on your entry. Include a separate sheet or card

• with your name, address, age, and class.
• One entry allowed per class.

• Separate classes for:

      – Children: up to 8 years

      – Youth: 9–12 years
      – Teens: 13–16 years

      – Adult: 17+ years


A. RHYME POETRY (any verse that follows a rhyme theme) 

B. FREE VERSE POETRY (any free verse) 

C. PICTURE BOOKS (No clip art. Adult entries welcome! Picture books should be
    no longer than 20 pages.)

D. FICTION (any piece of fiction) 

E. NON-FICTION (any piece of non-fiction such as editorial, essay, school paper,
    scientific paper, biography, or opinion editorial)

F. PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE (any piece of non-fiction written from the personal
    perspective, such as a journal entry, memoir excerpt, personal narrative, blog
    post, or a story of a true experience that happened to you.)

G. TALES ABOUT HARDWICK (any piece of fiction or non-fiction that is
    about Hardwick)

Deadline for entries is 4:00pm on Thursday, August 19, 2021