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Chester Goodfield Scholarship

Friday, August 18, 2023  •  Saturday, August 19, 2023

In the summer of 1998, after Chet’s passing, Bob Bottomley, Alice May Lowell and Orrin Mason put together guidelines for a scholarship as a tribute to Chet. They raised $20,000.00 through many generous donations from folks whose lives he touched in his many years as a leading dairyman, community and civic leader.


In order to be able to perpetuate the scholarship fund the Paige Agricultural Trustees were asked if they would be willing to make the final decision on a recipient. Bob, Alice May and Orrin receive and screen the applicants and give their recommendation to the Trustees; they make the final decision.


They felt that a proper public place to present the Goodfield Scholarship would be needed as a means of keeping Chet’s accomplishments from simply falling into history. To accomplish this goal we felt the opening ceremony at the Hardwick Fair would be most fitting. The Hardwick Fair meant so much to Chet, through his involvement and pride in what it stood for. Thus the idea of the presentation was born.


They want to thank the Paige Trustees for keeping his spirit alive and to help an outstanding young person with an agricultural background receive some support in their educational endeavors.


Past scholarship recipients: Angie Moschini, Kevin Bell 

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Check back soon for the recipient of this year's scholarship
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