Town House • Second Floor

* Amateur exhibitors only. Ribbons Only are awarded * 


Maureen Czabaj, Kaeli Raymond, Laurie Hickson, Cara Wilczynski 


• All food will be cut, auctioned, and/or sold at the fair.

• All food MUST be made by the exhibitor. No microwave cookery.
• All food must be cooled and placed on a plate that can go to auction (in a

• resealable plastic bag.) We do not accept exhibits that require refrigeration.

• All quick breads/cakes must be whole. Do not slice. 

• All entries must include a complete recipe and not just an ingredient list.
• Please use a 3x5 index card or typed, any size.

• No box mixes, except in a specific category.

• All winning recipes become the property of the Hardwick Community Fair.

• Please note the required amounts for some items. When in doubt, or not
• specified, place 7 items on a plate.


A. PIES with HOMEMADE CRUST (Must include recipe for crust as well as filling)

  1.  Blueberry

  2.  Favorite 

B. PIES with STORE BOUGHT CRUST (Your favorite pie using store bought crust.
    Must include recipe for filling)

C. QUICK BREADS (Muse be standard loaf size)

  1.  Zucchini

  2.  Favorite

  3.  Fruit 

D. MUFFINS (7 on a plate) 

  1.  Berry

  2.  Favorite

E. FOUND MY THRILL ON BLUEBERRY HILL (Your favorite recipe featuring
    blueberries. No pies please) 


  1.  Coffee

  2.  Favorite

  3.  Chocolate

G. COOKIES (7 on a plate)

  1.  Chocolate Chip

  2.  Filled or Sandwich

  3.  Favorite

H. BROWNIES (7 on a plate)

  1.  Blond

  2.  Chocolate


I. CREATIVE USE OF A MIX (Start with a boxed mix and add ingredients
    to create something entirely different!)

J. SWEET YEAST DOUGH (Tea rings, Braids, Poppy Seed Breads, Rolls, etc.)

K. GLUTEN FREE (Any recipe that is gluten free)

L. IT'S A SMALL WORLD! (Time to pull out Grandma's recipe box and bake
    a delicious ethnic treat!)

M. 'MICKY DIMARTINO' ADULT CHALLENGE! (In honor of our friend and
     longtime Hardwick Fair Baking committee leader, this year's challenge is:
     Baked Dutch Apple Pie. Recipe can be found here. or by clicking on the     
     icon at the bottom of the page. Recipe may not be altered in any way.

A. COOKIES (7 on a plate)

  1.  Sugar

  2.  Favorite

  3.  Chocolate Chip

B. SQUARES (7 on a plate)

  1.  Fruit

  2.  Favorite

C. QUICK BREADS (Must be standard loaf size) 

  1.  Banana

  2.  Favorite

D. TOO HOT TO BAKE! (Any no-bake recipe of your choice – e.g. cookies,
     fudge, cereal bars, etc.) 

E. FREESTYLE BAKE (Enter your favorite recipe)

F. I'M A CHOCOHOLIC (Your favorite recipe that satisfies that chocolate craving!)

G. SAY WHOOPIE! (Make your favorite whoopie pie)

H. COOKIE PIZZA (Use your imagination and decorate your homemade cookie crust.
    Must include recipe for the crust.)

J. YOUTH CHALLENGE RECIPE (Let's see who can create the best Banana Chocolate
   Chip Muffins using the same recipe. Recipe can be found here or by clicking on the
   icon below. Recipe may not be altered in any way.)