Friday, August 21, 2020  •  Saturday, August 22, 2020

President: Fay Butler

Vice President: Richard Jakshtis

Commodities Superintendent: Abbie White

Cattle Superintendent: Jessica Goodfield

Treasurer: Jeffrey Schaaf 

Secretary: Lisa Cohen

Board Members: Benny Hanson, Lisa Cohen, Jeff Schaaf 

Facilities Service & Maintenance: Benny Hanson, Dave Mazeika, Larry Crockett, Hardwick Farmers Co-op, Kenny Stolgitis, Zach Wilson, Kyle Nastasi, Neil Halin

Social Media & Web: Lauren Mace, Cara Wilczynski, Marcus Hayden

Merchandise: The Mace Family 

Refreshments Stands: Maryann Stolgitis, Deana Talbot, Aaron Annon, Sarah Briggs, Dedie King, Bonnie Trudeau-Wood, Mat McDaniel, Country Bank

Historical Exhibits: Historical Society

Judging Coordinator & Historian: Emily Bancroft

Door Registration: Eric Vollheim

Children's Parade: Amy Stukuls, Barrieau Family, Megan Kelly Dias

Road Race: Chris Hinckley, Meg Talbot, Seth Wytrwal

Mountain Bike Race: Rick Romano, Neil Dawson 

Obstacle Course: Paula Ouimette, Owen Wright

Antique Tractor Exhibit & Tractor Pull: Dana Prouty, Benny Hanson

© 2020 by Hardwick Community Fair Association
P.O. Box 1 • Hardwick, MA 01037
Held each year on the Hardwick Town Common

Conducted by the Hardwick Community Fair Association, Inc. a 501(c)(3) organization, with assistance from the Calvin Paige Agricultural Fund and other local organizations.

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