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Premiums: 3 pts. • 2 pts. • 1 pt. unless otherwise noted 


Lucinda Childs


• The products shown must have been canned in the past 12 months and made by the exhibitor.

• Labeling must be uniform and indicate the type of processing.

• The jars in each entry shall be of the same size and must be screw top.

• Screw bands must be removed from all jars, except maple syrup, honey,
• and salsa, which will be opened.

• All product, including jam (but not jelly) shall be sealed by processing,
• hot water bath for fruits and tomatoes, and pressure for vegetables.

• All canned goods will be returned.

• Youth (16 years and under) and Adult (17+ years) will be judged separately.


A. VEGETABLES (2 jars, any kind)

B. FRUIT (2 jars, any kind)

C. PICKLES (2 jars)

  1.  Dill 

  2.  Bread & Butter

  3.  Relish

  4.  Other

D. JAM (2 jars, not less than 4 oz. each) 

  1.  Strawberry

  2.  Raspberry 

  3.  Peach

  4.  Blueberry 

  5.  Other

E. JELLY (2 jars, not less than 4 oz. each)

  1.  Strawberry 

  2.  Apple 

  3.  Grape

  4.  Other

F. JAM/JELLY COMBINATIONS (2 jars, any kind)

G. COLLECTIONS (3 jars, 1 jar each of 3 kinds) 

  1.  Vegetable 

  2.  Fruit

  3.  Jam/Jelly

H. HONEY (Strained, 2 jars)

I. MAPLE SYRUP (2 pints) 

J. SALSA (2 jars) 

K. VINEGARS (herbal) ​​

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